Student furniture

If you’re on this website, you are now looking or have already found your new living arrangement. In the process of signing a new lease it’s also important to think about how you will make your new place feel like home. Buying, moving and setting up for this will be quite a challenge when you are moving from abroad.

But don’t panic! Stu-we has got the ultimate solution for all of your furniture problems. We have several packages available to make your move a lot easier. Buying or leasing, it’s all possible. Even location is never an issue as we are working independent.

For more information on a suiting package please find the form below. After returning the form we will provide you with an offer within 24hours.

Real estate furniture

To make the rental for your student housing easier Stu-we is here for you. Besides management and leasing of student housing we can also provide you with new furniture for your accommodations.

At Stu-we we notice that there is an increasing demand for furnished rooms and apartments. To relieve your work we have created packages suited to your wishes. With Stu-we you can either buy or lease the packages requested for your housing. For many housing owners leasing is a good option as they not have to invest upfront. For guidance and advise; don’t hesitate to contact us as we will make time to find the perfect solution for you. Guaranteed that the packages will increase the quality and comfort for your accommodations.

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