A new look on market

Our ambitious and new look on the market ensures that we don’t hold on to old habits from the real estate branch. The perfect solutions is the one that suits the client best.


Because of our experience, great network and motivated employees every request will we handled accurate and decent. A personal approach with focus on the wishes of the client. We never settle until our clients are satisfied.

What can you expect?

Our organization is specialized in the sales of living space in Limburg. Free of charge and obligations our qualified real estate agent will make an appointment for a valuation. Not only do we provide a decent brokerage, but we also make sure you’ll be assisted all the way through. If that was not enough, we provide a total service and you can count on a professional handling.

The steps to selling your home:

  1. You contact us by email or by phone.
  2. At the listing appointment, the realtor wants to inspect the entire home and yard to become familiar with its special features and exact floor plan.
  3. Following this visit, you’ll get a free valuation for your house.
  4. After approval, we’ll publish your house on our website as well as the known housing portals.
  5. As soon as the requests for viewings start appearing we will start the viewings, of course in good consult with you, the seller.
  6. During the entire process we will be the contact for every party involved in the sale of your house!

Send an email to info@stu-we.com for more information or make an appointment on phone number 043 364 10 40.